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Welcome to 

Camping Plage Robertson

A unique experience

Your base camp

to Explore the Lac St-Jean

A Unique Experience, your Base Camp to Explore the Lac St-Jean

Located on the west shore of beautiful Lac St-Jean, Camping Plage Robertson is the ideal place to establish your base camp for visiting our fabulous region.


Ideally located and close to the most popular tourist destinations of Lac St-Jean, and a few meters from the Véloroute des Bluets, Camping Plage Robertson offers you:

- A warm family welcome

- An authentic indigenous experience

- One of the most beautiful beaches on Lac St-Jean 

- Breathtaking views of magnificent sunsets

- Comfortable, quiet and safe accommodation

- Quality and superior catering

I invite you to visit us and we will give you a memorable experience.


Reserve now, we only have 26 ready-to-camp cabins for rent and available spaces are disappearing quickly.

Josée Robertson



Our Camping Sites


Available in December 2024

Our Quality Lodging

Camping Plage Robertson has 26 superb ready-to-camp chalets (or Pods):


  • 8 Light Pod with direct access to the beach

  • 2 Mega Pod Also adapted with direct access to the beach;

  • 10 Mega Pods that give you more space

  • 6 Family Pods that offer you peace and quiet

Pod Lumiere Small.png
Adapted Pod 2.png

Light Pods

Above all, our Light Pods offer an exceptional view of the outdoors. With large windows, it is the ideal Pod to see the sun rise and set over the lake at the foot of your bed. It has more modest dimensions, but it will nevertheless offer all the comfort sought for your stay.

Adapted Mega Pods

Our Adapted Mega Pods have all the qualities of the traditional Mega Pod, but its layout is designed for people with reduced mobility in order to provide them with an experiencence unforgettable nature in all seasons.

Pod Mega Small.png

Mega Pods

Our Mega Pods are the ideal pod for families with two or even four children. These pods offer you space, comfort and versatility. They can accommodate 6-8 people. The whole family will be satisfied with their stay in a Mega pod, whatever the season.

Pod Familial Small.png

Family Pods

Smaller and more isolated in a wooded area, our Family Pods offer a discreet and dreamy side that contributes to giving you a peaceful, quiet and safe accommodation experience. Suitable for two adults and one or two children.

Discover the Ilnus, their history, their culture,
their traditions and their artists

Take advantage of your presence at Camping Plage Robertson to live an authentic experience and discover the history, culture, art and traditions of the Ilnu community of Mashteuiatsh.

( How to pronounce Mashteuiatsh? )


Several activities are offered to you:

1) Tourism Mashteuiatsh: Upon your arrival, take the time to visit Tourisme Mashteuitash to obtain the list of current activities, the map of the community, identify the main points of interest and their addresses.

2) The Ilnu Museum of Mashteuiatsh: Your package at Camping Plage Robertson allows you to visit the Ilnu Museum of Mashteuiatsh for free. All you have to do is ask for your admission tickets at the campsite reception. The Ilnu Museum offers two permanent exhibitions highlighting the culture of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh (Ilnu of Lac-Saint-Jean) and annually hosts four temporary exhibitions related to history, anthropology, archeology and indigenous art. New exhibitions are offered to you in May and November each year. Watch the programming on the following site:

3) Our chalets all have thematic boards that educate you on the following subjects:

          a) The Ilnus, their values ​​and traditions

          b) The history of the Ilnus

          c) Our territory: The Nitassinan

4) Go meet the Ilnus Artists of Mashteuiatsh and come live an enriching cultural experience. Mashteuiatsh has several painters, sculptors, and artisans ready to help you discover our art. We will tell you where in the community our visitors can visit the artists' art studios and learn more about their respective arts.

5) All our mini-chalets will have Ilnu Literature (brochures, books for adults and children) placed on the tables and shelves of the chalets to facilitate access for visitors;

6) Sign up for Ilnu Art Workshops that will be organized on the Camping Plage Robertson site to introduce you to Ilnus art and artists.

7) Discover the Nitassinan, whose name means “Our land” in Innu-aimun, the ancestral territory of the Innu people located in Eastern Canada in Quebec and Labrador. Our vast territory includes the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula from the taiga of the north coast of the St-Lawrence River to the inland tundra around Ungava Bay. Click here to see the map of Nitasinan.

Explore Saguenay-Lac St-Jean 

For more information on tourist activities in the region, visit:

Tourisme Mashteuitash                        -         ​

Tourisme Saguenay-Lac St-Jean         -         

Lac St-Jean Tourism Map 2023-12-07.png
Pour plus d'information, sur les principales activités touristiques de la région, visite:


Musé Ilnu de Mashteuitash

La Véloroute des Bleuets.png

La Véloroute des Bleuets


Zoo Sauvage du Lac St-Jean.png

Zoo Sauvage du Lac St-Jean


Musée de la Vieille Fromagerie.png

Musée de la Vieille Fromagerie


Village Historique de Val Jalbert.png

Village Historique de Val Jalbert


Parc de la Caverne du Trou de la Fée.png

 Parc de la Caverne du Trou de la Fée


Camp Musical du Lac St-Jean.png

 Camp Musical du Lac St-Jean


Cristal du Lac.png

Cristal du Lac


La Fabuleuse Histoire du Royaume.png

La Fabuleuse Histoire du Royaume

La Baie

Le Parc Marin du Fjord du Saguenay.png

 Le Parc Marin du Fjord du Saguenay

Rivière Éternité

Le Parc National des Monts Valin.png

Le Parc National des Monts Valin


Le Parc National de la Pointe Taillon.png

Le Parc National de la Pointe Taillon


Ermitage St-Antoine.png

 Ermitage St-Antoine 

Lac Bouchette

For more information on the 12 Lac St-Jean cheese factories, visit :

Discover the 12 cheese factories of Lac St-Jean - Click Here

Our Incredible Culinary Experience